Current research supervision

  • Shuhao Yang (IDEC Masters Research Essay)

  • Riswandi (Economics PhD, panel member)

  • Kelly Samof (Greg Taylor Scholar @devpolicy)

  • Jollanda Mathew (Greg Taylor Scholar @devpolicy)

Current teaching

  • Economics PhD Seminars (convener), Semester 2— 2019. [guidelines]

  • Economic Development in the Pacific (DFAT Executive Education), 2019—.

Past teaching

  • EC10 Introduction to Statistical Methods. Spring 2019. Dartmouth College USA [Syllabus] (course convener/professor)

  • EC24 Development Economics. Fall 2017. Winter 2018. Fall 2018. Dartmouth College USA [Syllabus] (course convener/professor)

  • IDEC8026 Quantitative Policy Impact Evaluation. 2015. ANU (seminar convener)

  • CRWF8000 Government, Markets, and Global Change. 2014-15. ANU (lecturer)

  • IDEC8001 Cost-Benefit Analysis. 2014-15. ANU (tutor)

  • POGO8096 Research Methods. 2015. ANU (tutor)

  • EMDV8012 Ecological Economics and Policy. 2015. ANU (tutor)

  • IDEC8030 Issues in Applied Macroeconomics. 2014. ANU (tutor)

  • POGO8090 Making and Evaluating Policy. 2014. ANU (tutor)