I am a development economist at Dartmouth, specializing in Indonesia and the Asia-Pacific. My current research seeks to understand tropical forest fires and deforestation, local government incentives and effectiveness, and the linkages between global agricultural value chains and local welfare, urbanization, and structural change in developing countries. 

Before moving to New England in July 2017, I completed a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at the Center on Food Security and the Environment (FSE) and the Department of Earth System Science at Stanford University. My primary responsibilities there were coordinating a large interdisciplinary project focused on reconciling intractable environmental and development challenges in the palm oil sector, and expanding FSE's oil crops portfolio. 

I completed my PhD in Economics at the Australian National University in June 2016, and worked in the Australian federal and state government, global development, and financial services sectors before and during that. Some of the more exciting experiences include designing the framework for negotiating consistent needs-based school funding with the states and guiding negotiations, helping to guide federal budget decisions, promoting better social policy evaluation practices across government, and of course my PhD and postdoctoral fieldwork in the Indonesian and Ghanaian countryside. I very much enjoyed government work, and maintain a strong interest in public policy in my research and in general.

I was born in Sydney to Irish immigrants, moved to Brisbane in middle school, and moved to Canberra after my first stint in graduate school and a few years working. Now I live in Hanover, New Hampshire with my better half, Jess, and my Californian daughter, Fleur.