Working papers

Export agriculture and regional development: evidence from Indonesia. [paper] [short presentation Submitted.

Spillovers from agricultural processing. [paper] [short presentation] New draft coming soon!

Causes of Asian forest fires, with Wally Falcon, Matt Higgins, and Roz Naylor (Stanford). New draft coming soon!

Local impacts of resource booms, with Paul Burke (ANU). Under revision.

Selected works in progress

Fight fire with finance: a randomized field experiment to curtail land-clearing fire in Indonesia, with Wally Falcon, Grace Hadiwidjaja, Matt Higgins, Roz Naylor (Stanford), and Sudarno Sumarto (Stanford, TNP2K, and SMERU). AEA Registry number AEARCTR-0003222. Initial results due in January 2019. [DOI

Electoral conflict spillovers, with Yusaku Horiuchi (Dartmouth) & Daniel Suryadarma (ANU).

The environmental impacts of agricultural processors on the frontier: evidence on fire, deforestation, and land use change in Indonesia.

Plantation agriculture and child labor, with Eric Edmonds (Dartmouth).

The local amenity and crime impacts of new marijuana retailers, with Brady Horn (UNM) & Paul Zachary (UCSD).

Trade adjustment in a commodities-for-manufactures boom.