Current teaching (Dartmouth).

EC24 Development Economics, in the Fall and Winter quarters. Course material will all be on Canvas. Please email me or come by my office if you have any questions at all about the course. 

Resources for students.

Writing tips and resources

Past teaching (ANU).

CRWF8000 Government, Markets, and Global Change S2 2015. Case Workshop Leader.

IDEC8030 Issues in Applied Macroeconomics S2 2015. Tutor.

POGO8096 Research Methods (Intensive) S1 2015. Tutor/TA.

IDEC8088 Applied Economics: Cost/Benefit Analysis S1 2015. Tutor.

EMDV8012 Ecological Economics and Policy. S1 2015. Teaching Assistant.

CRAW8000 Government, Markets, and Global Change. S2 2014. Case Workshop Leader.

IDEC8026 Quantitative Policy Impact Evaluation. S1 2014. Seminar Convenor.

POGO8090 Making and Evaluating Policy. S1 2014. Tutor.